Leila. 19 years. Breast 2.

Футфетиш Петербург

Girl with a feminine figure and she is deaf! This allows her to feel a partner body much better during erotic massage session. She has a very sensual fingers. Blonde with beautiful eyes, she will be your most vivid impression. Very gently!

Book Leila for erotic massage:

Leila is available in salon in St Petersburg near Petrogradskaya metro. Call us one hour before to visit Leila or Send us a short message (SMS) with simple question: "Leila. Petrogradskaya station. In one hour. Possible?"

Book with online chat:
Book Leila online

Address of "XM SPA" on Petrogradskaya:

Metro station:
PETROGRADSKAYA (About 5-10 min walking from it).

The official address for TAXI driver is:
Bolshaya pushkarskaya, 42

Same address in Russian is:
Большая пушкарская 42
Пересечение с Ленина, в арку с пушкарской. После арки, во дворе, провезите во второй двор. Нужен ВТОРОЙ двор.

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