Inna. 19 years. Breast 2.

Russian call girl
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Best massuse and model looking girl. Inna is one of the place owners that is why her service is always on the highest level. Besides the erotic massage she provides some sexual extras. She can meet you in both of our salons, but works not very often. If you lucky, you will get best sexual adventure in you St Petersburg!

Book Inna for erotic massage:

Inna is available in salon in St Petersburg near Pionerskaya metro. Call us one hour before to visit Inna or Send us a short message (SMS) with simple question: "Inna. Pionerskaya station. In one hour. Possible?"

Book with online chat:
Book Inna online

Address of "XM SPA" on Pionerskaya:

Metro station:
PIONERSKAYA (About 1-3 min walking from it).

The official address for TAXI driver is:
Kolomyazky prospect 15/2. Door 8 in the yard. Apartment 814.

Same address in Russian is:
Коломяжский пр 15/2. 8 Парадная.

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