Angelina. 18 years. Breast C

Prostitute in St Petersburg

Spending time with Angelina is same like you dive in to angel arms! Take a very young girl, add narrow waist but big ass and gorgeous tits and you will get this masseuse. I really think she is one of the most beautiful erotic massage girls in St. Petersburg right now.

A little bit shy, a little bit inexperience, but deprave and always aroused because of her youth. Angelina provides a lot of extra services including our firm NURU massage. She never was before in this industry that is why her perfect body is so attractive. I’m sure your erotic massage with her will be one of the best sexual experiences for you.

Don’t waste your time tying to find dirty St. Petersburg street whore. You will get the best erotic massage with happy ending with Angelina.

Book Angelina for erotic massage:

Angelina is available in salon in St Petersburg near Petrogradskaya metro. Call us one hour before to visit Angelina or Send us a short message (SMS) with simple question: "Angelina. Petrogradskaya station. In one hour. Possible?"

Book with online chat:
Book Angelina online

Address of "XM SPA" on Petrogradskaya:

Metro station:
PETROGRADSKAYA (About 5-10 min walking from it).

The official address for TAXI driver is:
Bolshaya pushkarskaya, 42

Same address in Russian is:
Большая пушкарская 42
Пересечение с Ленина, в арку с пушкарской. После арки, во дворе, провезите во второй двор. Нужен ВТОРОЙ двор.

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